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WikiCrypt is a really cool script allowing you to encrypt pages or parts of pages on your wiki! Ever wanted a secret page? Now you can have one! I don't know if it breaks Terms of Use, but It's recommended to keep it as a personal script.

Important note: Nobody can help you with decrypting data once you forgot the encryption key. It cannot be reset without knowing the previous one. The script won't store any keys.

Do not encrypt the data when you don't know what you're doing!


Here's a quick list of features:

  • Can encrypt and decrypt content with AES block cipher.
  • Plaintext can contain wikitext.
  • Nice user interface.
  • Easy to use.

How to use?

Before using the script you'll need to install it. Add this line to your global.js script page.

importScriptURI ( '' );

After you added this to your personal JavaScript page you should see a WikiCrypt tab on your bottom toolbar.


When browsing an encrypted page with correctly set up tags a box will appear asking you, wether you'd like to decrypt the page. Enter the correct encryption key and continue. If you closed the box by accident reload the page. If you don't know the key, ignore the box.


Before encryption prepare your data. It can be text of any kind. It can also contain wikitext (templates, links, text formatting etc). When you're ready start the encryption script using the WikiCrypt button in your toolbar. Paste your plaintext in the textbox, think of a nice encryption key, and input it into a little textbox abote the plaintext. You can start your encryption now.

Warning: encryption will replace the text in your textbox. Be sure that you have the encryption key written down and remembered. The action cannot be reversed without the key. Unless you have a big cluster of computers being able to brute-force the key in a reasonable ammmount of time. Read more...

Now, when you have the ciphertext ready, copy it and edit or create a page. You will need to place it in appropiate HTML tags, like so:

<span class="wikicrypt-ciphertext">ciphertext here</span>

If your plaintext uses wikitext add wikicrypt-wikitext class to the element like so:

<span class="wikicrypt-ciphertext wikicrypt-wikitext">wikitext ciphertext here</span>

Voila, the page is encrypted!